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Prospect Park employs a new set of weed-eating goats

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There’s a new herd of goats in town

Four new goats have been employed to replace the last set of goats that were tasked with munching Prospect Park’s weeds and invasive plant species. This time around, the goats will shift their focus from the park’s Vale of Cashmere to the steep Lookout Hill, reports DNAinfo.

The herd consists of two Nubian goats that are brothers named Eyebrows and Horatio; a Nigerian goat named Lilabelle, and an Alpine goat named Swiss Cheese. The goats will be in charge of clearing poison ivy and honey suckle vines on Lookout Hill, where workers have had trouble conquering the steep terrain to tackle the invasive plants. What’s even better, the goats can handle temperatures up to 103.5 degree Fahrenheit so the heat wave is no sweat for them.

The goats are also helping the U.S. Forestry Service to determine how long it’ll take before the plants are eradicated. Not too mention, they are super cute to look at, too.

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