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Jon Bon Jovi's West Village duplex is now part of $29.5M combo unit

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The rocker teamed up with a neighbor to sell their duplex apartments

Photos courtesy The Corcoran Group

Looks like Jon Bon Jovi’s real estate woes may have returned: Just one month after listing his enormous duplex at 150 Charles Street, the rocker has teamed up with a neighbor (known only as Apika LLC) to sell what the brokerbabble calls “two of the finest duplex homes” in the building.

The combo unit appeared today—it’s being sold by Douglas Elliman’s Raphael De Niro—with a $29.5 million price tag. De Niro has already been marketing one of the apartments, 4CS, for a couple of weeks—it’s the smaller of the two units, at 2,670 square feet, and on its own it’s asking $11.75 million.

Bon Jovi’s duplex is also still available on its own from Corcoran’s Robby Browne team, though it’s gotten a slight price cut—it’s now asking $15.95 million. It’s not the first time that the Jersey boy has had to lower his expectations to offload an apartment: Back in 2013, he listed his former Soho penthouse for $42 million, but it ended up selling for a discount.

If someone were to snag the two units together, they’d be getting one gigantic 6,700-square-foot apartment with about 2,900 square feet of outdoor space—all of it south-facing. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows, fancy finishes, and access to 150 Charles’s spate of flashy amenities, including a private covered driveway, a pool, and concierge service.

So who knows—if Bon Jovi can, uh, keep the faith, he may find a buyer yet.

Here’s Bon Jovi’s floorplan:

And the floorplan for the smaller duplex:

150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014