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The Bronx's enormous affordable housing complex, La Central, begins construction

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Located in Melrose, this project will eventually bring 992 apartments to the neighborhood


Construction is now underway on the massive La Central residential complex in the Bronx. On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that work had begun on the first of five buildings that will be part of the overall complex in Melrose.

This new development will provide quality homes and will support vulnerable Bronx residents in need allowing them to live independently and with dignity," Cuomo said in a statement. "By giving these individuals a roof over their head and a safe place to call home, we help create a stronger New York and a more vibrant Bronx for years to come."

The first of these buildings will come with 160 apartments, 97 of which will be supportive apartments for formerly homeless New Yorkers with special needs. FXFOWLE and MHG Architects are on board to design this $67 million project, and the building will come fitted with solar panels, a green roof, and a 4,500-square-foot green roof.

Overall, the La Central project will bring 992 apartments to Melrose, and the cheapest apartments here will start at $640 per month. Other components of the development include retail, recreational spaces, and community facilities. Breaking Ground is in charge of the supportive housing, and Comunlife will look after the supportive services. Hudson Companies is also one of the developers on the project.

The complex is part of Cuomo’s plan to create 100,000 new units of affordable housing and 6,000 units of supportive housing.