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Roseland Ballroom-replacing Midtown skyscraper gets a new name, new look

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The tower, designed by CetraRuddy, will have 426 apartments for rent

Binyan for IF Studio

It’s been several years since Roseland Ballroom, one of Manhattan’s beloved megaclubs, was torn down, and in the years since work has steadily progressed on the residential tower that’s rising from its ashes. The venue was completely gutted by 2015, and the skyscraper itself—which will rise more than 700 feet above Midtown—started its vertical ascent soon after, though it only recently topped out.

Now that the building has reached that milestone, the developers—the not-so-creatively named Roseland Development Associates—are unveiling more details. The development now has a name: It’ll be called ARO, and a teaser website—which offers little more than a registration form—has now launched as well.

The reveal also comes with a new rendering of the building, designed by CetraRuddy; though it’s not so dissimilar from the renderings we’ve seen before, it offers a clearer look at the building’s facade, which has a “white latticed outer shell” over a curved glass tower. (It’s already being placed, as a recent visit to the site shows.)

The nitty-gritty details haven’t changed, though: The building will still have 426 rental units (pricing for those has yet to be revealed), along with 40,000-square-feet of amenities, on-site parking, and ground-floor retail. Per a press release, occupancy for the building is expected sometime next year.