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Old Kosciuszko Bridge hosts one final secret party by urban explorers

About 40 intrepid New Yorkers climbed the old bridge’s steel truss

Alix Piorun for Gothamist

The Kosciuszko Bridge is coming down—for real this time—but before it was dismantled, an intrepid group of urban explorers took to its steel trusses one last time for an illicit party.

Oriana Leckert of Brooklyn Spaces chronicled the event, which took place at around 11 p.m. on Sunday night, for Gothamist; it was one of several that were apparently held in the lead-up to the bridge’s demolition. The (obviously illegal) parties were held as “a ritual celebration of a New York City icon before it falls to dust,” according to an invitation. “Tonight, we seize and honor this specific moment in time, a bridge between all that came before and all that will come after.”

While a party intended to “defend the Kosciuszko Bridge from demo with wolves and swords”—yes, really—got plenty of hype once the demolition was announced, the one that Leckert attended was a smaller affair. “The strangest part was how little it felt like we were doing anything wrong,” she writes. “Unlike some blowout trespass parties, this one was small and intimate, with only about 40 people sprinkled across the massive bridge.”

Alix Piorun for Gothamist

To read her full account and check out more photos, head on over to Gothamist.

The old bridge, meanwhile, is currently being taken apart, with its pieces eventually being shipped off to New Jersey.

#kosciuszkobridge on the move; heading up the creek to turn around, then coming back out shortly. #byebyekbridge

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