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Watch the Old Kosciuszko Bridge get dismantled and shipped down Newtown Creek

A final farewell to everyone’s least favorite bridge


The old Kosciuszko Bridge has finally been dismantled, two weeks after it was initially set to fall.

The 125-foot span didn’t go out with the dramatic bang that a score of Facebook events said it would, but was lowered on to a barge and shipped out of Newtown Creek to a New Jersey scrapyard. The bridge approaches, which are still in place, are still set to come down in a process called energetic felling. (See what that looks like here.)

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle captured the bridge’s dismantling in a timelapse video, embedded below.

Before the bridge was dismantled on Wednesday, an intrepid group of urban explorers took to its steel trusses one last time for an illicit party. The event took place at around 11 p.m. on Sunday night, when about 40 people gathered to practice what the invitation called “a ritual celebration of a New York City icon before it falls to dust.”

“The strangest part was how little it felt like we were doing anything wrong,” wrote Oriana Leckert of Brooklyn Spaces, who chronicled the event for Gothamist. Law enforcement, of course, would beg to differ.