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Three Upper East Side townhouses with megamansion potential will ask $53.4M

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All three townhouses on East 81st Street are also being offered as individual sales

Via Christopher Bride/PropertyShark

Yet another megamansion is likely in the works on East 81st Street on the Upper East Side, The Real Deal has learned. The brokers behind the three townhouses at 50-54 East 81st Street are planning to combine their offerings for a sum total of $53.4 million.

Together these three townhouses offer nearly 21,000 square feet of space with an additional 4,000 square feet of construction allowed by the current zoning of the properties.

The combined listing hasn’t hit the market just yet, and brokers on the individual properties are also offering up the homes as individual sales. 50 East 81st Street is a five-story rental building asking $10.5 million, 52 East 81st Street is also a five-story rental building, asking $14.995 million, and 54 East 81st Street is a single family home asking $27.95 million.

If this megamansion plan does go through successfully, the new owner will be living on the same street as Madonna, who also owns a megamansion on East 81st Street. Other celebrities with Upper East Side megamansions include Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea FC, who is planning one on East 75th Street, and ex-NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

This also wouldn’t be the first time a trio of townhouses has come on the market on the Upper East Side. Back in 2015, three adjacent townhouses on East 62nd Street were asking $120 million, so all things considered this latest deal seems like a bargain.