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Donald Trump’s doodle of the NYC skyline sold for nearly $30,000

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The only building that’s clearly depicted is, of course, Trump Tower

Via Nate Sanders Auction House

As the old saying goes, you can’t put a price on taste—but you can, apparently, put a price on a doodle done by Donald Trump. A sketch that the 45th president drew of the New York City skyline was part of an auction held by Nate D. Sanders in Los Angeles, and it ended up fetching a whopping $29,184. The starting bid was $9,000.

The drawing is ostensibly of the Manhattan skyline, but the only building that actually resembles a New York skyscraper is—of course—Trump Tower, which he drew with its distinctive angular topper (which, in Trump’s hands, looks a little bit like Bart Simpson’s hairline).

According to the auction house, the sketch dates back to 2005, when Trump participated in a charity auction held by Pitney Bowes; he was one of several celebrities to contribute sketches drawn on envelopes. Michael Kirk, an auction manager at Nate Sanders, told ArtNet that the drawing received five times the usual traffic that its pieces typically get. “It’s a piece of art from a U.S. President, so it’s attracted interest from not just Trump followers, but also presidential memorabilia collectors,” he explained.

But is it worth $29,000? We’ll let you be the judge.