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Park Slope's former Triangle Sports building could give way to this glassy wedge

Well, that’s different

Via RedSky Capital

It was only a matter of time before the triangular building at 182 Flatbush Avenue came down. The structure, once home to the nearly century-old Triangle Sports, sold to developer RedSky Capital in 2014, and it’s been unoccupied since the store closed in 2012.

But renderings revealed this week (h/t Brownstoner) show what a future for the site could look like. And given RedSky’s other New York City properties—they own the building that’s home to Williamsburg’s Apple Store—it may transform into a sleek, glass-enclosed wedge that will retain the shape of the old building, but little else. (It’s highly unlikely that it’d be another Apple store, considering one is opening just up the block at 300 Ashland.)

Details for what RedSky will do with the space aren’t locked in yet, but a principal at the firm told DNAInfo that they’re looking for a single tenant for whatever does rise there. “Right now we're focused on working to maximize the space,” RedSky vice president Shari Neissani told DNA. “It's a unique shape but we're used to thinking outside of the box.”

RedSky has yet to file plans (demolition or otherwise) with the Department of Buildings for the irregular plot of land, so it remains to be seen if what’s basically a glass-encased cheese wedge will soon grace Flatbush Avenue.

182 Flatbush Avenue

182 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217