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Penn Station track work is halfway complete

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Amtrak reports that 12 out of 20 planned repairs are already complete

Flickr/Alan Ant.

It’s been three weeks since the “summer of hell” begin and it seems safe to say that things haven’t been as bad as anticipated. Two weeks ago, Amtrak announced that track work on the tunnels between New York and New Jersey was ahead of schedule and now the company is bringing forth even more good news.

In a new report that was published on Friday, Amtrak has revealed that more than half of the planned repairs at New York’s Penn Station are already complete. Out of the 20 repairs on the docket, 12 have been successfully finished and 4 more are currently in the works, reports the New York Times.

Commuters have seemed to transition into the alternative routes without too many hiccups and only seem to be frustrated with the delay-ridden MTA subway system. ““A couple of weeks ago, the E train was just dead, and my commute became two hours,” one New Jersey commuter told the Times.

Penn Station repairs are scheduled to wrap up by September 4th but maybe, just maybe, there’s hope that it will finish even sooner.