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Long Island City’s 5 Pointz-replacing rentals reach new heights

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One of the two rental buildings has made significant progress this year

Via NyConstructionPhoto

It’s been six months since we last checked in on the construction status of the tall rental buildings rising on the former 5 Pointz site in Long Island City, and new construction site photos reveal that at least one of the two towers has now risen up several more stories.

Developed by G&M Realty, these buildings will eventually bring 1,115 apartments to the neighborhood, spread out between a 48-story and a 41-story story building. That number includes 223 affordable units. In addition to the rentals, the developers have also planned for commercial space, which will be located on the ground and cellar levels of the building. Part of the commercial section includes room for 20 artists’ studios.

Last month, the developer released the first interior renderings of the project that seemed to give a nod to the history of the site, what with the recreation of the 5 Pointz sign emblazoned atop the lobby desk.

Regardless, the artists who were displaced from the onetime art mecca may still be entitled to compensation, and a lawsuit filed by those artists was allowed to move forward by a Brooklyn judge in April.