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Glamping comes to NYC with a pop-up at Fort Tilden

Terra Glamping is bringing its brand of fancy camping to Queens

One of Terra Glamping’s West Coast camps.
Courtesy Terra Glamping

Glamping—the absurd portmanteau meaning “glamorous camping,” or camping for people who don’t really like camping—has become more of a trend in the past few years, with dedicated resorts and short-term rentals promising an outdoorsy experience without all of the less-fun trappings of that sort of trip.

But it hasn’t really taken hold in New York City, save for the W hotel’s $2,000/night “glamping suite” (complete with yurt!), in part because there are so few places to camp in the five boroughs, let alone, well, glamp. But that’ll soon change: Terra Glamping, one of the better-known resorts, is bringing what it calls “beachside glamping” to Fort Tilden, with a pop-up resort happening from August 11 to September 24.

What’ll that entail, exactly? Terra will set up five of its “safari-style” tents, each of which measure 12 feet by 14 feet and can sleep two, along with communal amenities like a grill, three hammocks, and a camp store. (Yes, there’ll also be bathrooms and showers on-site.)

The rooms themselves are intended to be “as comfortable as the finest hotel rooms,” per a press release, which means they come with queen-sized memory foam mattresses, nice linens, stylish decor, and more.

As for the price of glamping, rates begin at $200/night, with prices increasing on the weekends. (Camping at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, meanwhile, is $30/night, though it doesn’t come with all of the fancy amenities—and you do have to bring your own tent.)

The pop-up is being produced in partnership with the National Parks Service, which also worked with travel start-up Getaway to bring three of its minimalist tiny cabins to Staten Island’s Gateway National Recreation Area for the summer.