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Rustic-chic Red Hook townhouse with gorgeous backyard wants $1.7M

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It’s like having your own little log cabin in Brooklyn

Photos courtesy of Corcoran

The ultra-modern, zinc-clad townhouse on Red Hook’s Dikeman Street isn’t the only architectural anomaly on that particular block. Just down the block at 71 Dikeman Street is this wood-covered townhouse, complete with an enormous back garden, that has been trying to sell for a while now. It hit the market last year with a price tag of $2.5 million, and recently got a big discount—now, it’s seeking $1.7 million.

Though it’s a three-story townhouse like many of the other structures on the block, that’s where the similarities end. The exterior has been clad in warm wood paneling, giving the place a rustic feel that’s definitely out of character for Red Hook. Inside, meanwhile, the home has been renovated with an open-concept floorplan on the first floor, two bedrooms on the second floor, and a master suite (complete with terrace) on the third floor. The place now counts an industrial-chic kitchen and a serene master bathroom among its amenities.

The best amenity, though, is arguably the expansive, Instagram-worthy backyard; per the listing, the 50-foot garden is a “looser organic patio filled with potted herbs and plants and surrounded by Japanese maple, rhododendrons, mugo pine and feather grass”; that’s complemented by the back patio, which has its own outdoor kitchen and some rather lovely landscaping. You don’t see spaces like that in New York City—especially not Red Hook—too often.