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NYC’s dazzling Fourth of July fireworks display, as captured by New Yorkers

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This year’s Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks display was the largest light show in more than a decade

Getty/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez, Contributor

Last night’s Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular really lived up to its name. Touted by the company as “the largest display in more than a decade,” the 25-minute show featured more than 60,000 shells launched from five barges stationed along the East River from 24th to 41st streets. New Yorkers turned out en masse to observe the happening, and of course took to Instagram to document the dazzling blooms of light.

The photos prove that there’s no bad view when it comes to the yearly light show: From New Jersey to mid-Manhattan to the East River to Brooklyn beyond, each location served up a unique but still spectacular vantage of the fireworks display.

For those outside of New York, watching the show on television is a festive alternative but there’s nothing like looking beyond the over-orchestrated televised production for a glance into how New Yorkers themselves experienced the evening.

Have a great snap of last night’s festivities you want to share? Leave it in the comments.

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