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Sarah Jessica Parker's West Village megamansion will soon take shape

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Permits posted on the townhouses reveal that construction will carry on until December 2017

Via Christopher Bride/PropertyShark

Work on the rumored megamansion of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick is set to get underway with the New York Post having spotted construction permits outside the two West Village townhouses that the couple reportedly owns.

Permits posted on both 273 and 275 West 11th Street reveal that work will take place everyday between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. and continue until December 2017, according to the Post.

The couple has never publicly confirmed the purchase of these townhouses, but the two houses sold for a combined total of $34.5 million. The construction permits indicate interior demolition, which is another pointer towards the megamansion theory.

Last month, Morris Adjmi Architects were brought on to design the new home, which together will offer nearly 14,000 square of space, and a private garden. Adjmi too declined to comment on the project.

A short distance away from their rumored new West Village home, Parker and Broderick sold their former Greenwich Village townhouse for $18.25 million in 2015.