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Central Park Tower’s sprawling floorplans, exorbitant prices are unveiled

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The priciest condo so far is a $95 million, four-bedroom unit with its own outdoor swimming pool

Extell has been inching towards a sales launch on its $4 billion behemoth, Central Park Tower for a while now, and while we’re still not there yet, The Real Deal has managed to get its hands on a host of floorplans for the future tallest residential building in the world.

Along with the floorplans we also now have a detailed pricing breakdown which shows that the cheapest condo here will ask $1.542 million, though for that amount at Central Park Tower, you only get a 569-square-foot studio.

On the upper end is a $95 million four-bedroom pad that measures almost 8,000 square foot. This massive apartment also comes with a 2,000-square-foot terrace that will come fitted with a swimming pool.

Floorplan of the unit set to ask $95 million.
Via The Real Deal

Perhaps more startling (or not so startling depending on how you see it) is the fact that this $95 million apartment won’t be the priciest home here by a long shot. Three much larger units haven’t been listed yet, and they include the massive, nearly 16,000-square-foot crowning penthouse. If an 11,000-square foot quadruplex at 220 Central Park South is rumored to ask $250 million, one can only image what this penthouse will want.

Some of the features of the crowning penthouse at 217 West 57th Street include a private gym, a ballroom (yep!), a library, and an observatory.

The floorplan for the crowning penthouse.

Some other big numbers for the building: At least 26 of the condos will ask over $9,000 per square foot, and the average price per square foot is $7,106 (based on the listed units).

The Real Deal also managed to get a detailed breakdown of the amenities, and of course they’re only fitting for a $4 billion skyscraper. They include a grand ballroom on the 100th floor of the building that will be able to seat 126 people, a landscaped terrace with a 60-foot-pool, and an additional indoor pool on the 16th floor, among several other amenities.

There’s no word yet on the exact date of the sales launch, but construction has been moving forward steadily on the condo. When the condo wraps construction it will also be home to a seven-story Nordstrom flagship.

217 W 57th St

217 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019