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One of Brooklyn’s most extravagant mansions returns with $18M price tag

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The Mill Basin home has been on and off the market for four years

Photos via Douglas Elliman

It’s ba-aaaack. The Miami-meets-Mill Basin mansion that was built by a Colombo family crime associate has returned to the market, and this time around, it looks like the sellers are feeling optimistic.

To recap the listing history briefly: It first hit the market in 2013 with a $30 million price tag; it was then pricechopped to $17 million; after briefly de-listing, it returned for $17 million (and came with an adjacent property); and then got discounted even further, to $12.5 million.

So about that optimism: This time around, the sellers—the family of the so-called "Russian American Paris Hilton”—are seeking $18 million for what the brokerbabble calls a “rarely available” home. (Um, oops?)

Aside from the price, little has changed. The property still includes both the 14,000-square-foot “main home” and the 7,800-square-foot “guest home,” along with abundant outdoor space and a roof deck.

And here’s a list of things the property includes, from least to most extravagant: a sauna, two boat slips, "architectural gardens", a four-car garage, a pool larger than most apartments (1,000 square feet), "a gatehouse to inform you of guests' arrival in entranceway", an "extraordinarily designed meditation room", and an outdoor pavilion with seating for 40.

And here are the floorplans: