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Another Brooklyn Heights rental will get the mansion treatment

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Ten units at 67 Remsen Street will be lost to create a single-family home

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Brooklyn Heights, home to many a ridiculously pricey home, may soon be getting another blockbuster. And this time, it could come at the expense of ten apartments. According to The Real Deal, the owner of a rental building at 67 Remsen Street has filed plans with the city to convert the five-story building into one single-family residence.

Owner Gili Haberberg purchased the building from the Jehovah’s Witnesses back in 2012 for $3.35 million. Once converted, the new single-family mansion will span more than 4,700 square feet—so not quite on par with 50 Orange Street, whose owners tried marketing it as a $22 million megamansion, but still pretty big.

According to StreetEasy, apartments in the building have been renting for around $2,000/month, with one being rented as recently as April.

The practice of converting multi-unit properties to pricey, extravagant mansions isn’t exactly out of the ordinary in Brooklyn Heights, particularly as the Jehovahs Witnesses have sold off their properties in the neighborhood to canny investors. The seven-story building at 146 Willow Street, for example, was once a rental with seven apartments; now, it’s a 7,750-square-foot mansion asking $15.5 million. Understandably, its neighbors weren’t too happy about that.