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Hudson Square factory will sprout this 25-story tower

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COOKFOX has designed a contemporary building surrounded by loggias and terraces for 100 Vandam


A year and a half after Palm Beach real estate tycoon Jeff Greene filed plans to add a tower topper to a historic Hudson Square building, architect COOKFOX has released new details and the first bonafide renderings of the project. And they are a real doozy.

The new building at 100 Vandam will see the interior demolition of the six-story brick building at the corner of Greenwich Street, and the addition of a 290-foot contemporary tower that will rise from the brick facade and stand 25-stories tall. In true COOKFOX fashion, the building will feature recesses that allow for landscaped loggias and terraces designed by Terrain-NYC. The edges that protrude from the tower will also act as solar shades.

Plans on file with the Department of Buildings indicate that 100 Vandam will have 70 condos as well as amenities like a subterranean screening room, an 11-car automated parking garage, bike parking, and a gym. The building will also have five duplex apartments.

Update: A previous version of this post noted that the building would have affordable housing, but that is inaccurate. Developer Jeff Greene purchased development rights for 10 Vandam from a development that offered affordable apartments. Because of that, 10 Vandam is technically participating in the inclusionary housing program though it itself will not have affordable apartments. Cubed regrets the error.