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After renovation, Chumley's-topping duplex rents for $17.5K/month

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The West Village townhouse that’s home to the famed speakeasy now has a renter

Earlier this year, a renovated duplex situated atop a historic West Village building—which just so happened to be home to Chumley’s, the reborn speakeasy—hit the market with a rather high price tag of $12.75 million.

And while it hasn’t found a buyer, it’s now off the market; it was rented, and not for cheap either. According to the New York Post, the new tenant will pay $17,500/month for the pleasure of living above one of the city’s most storied bars.

Developer Newcastle Realty apparently socked millions of dollars into renovating the 2,000-square-foot, three-bedroom duplex, which comes with a modern-yet-cozy living room, high ceilings, a skylight, and a lovely little roof terrace. The renter, a finance dude (shocking!), told the Post that “finding a place like this with outdoor space in the West Village is like a unicorn. It’s very rare. They don’t come on the market that often, and I wanted to jump on it.”

Chumley’s, meanwhile, was long a haunt for the neighborhood’s bohemian set (it was frequented by Edna St. Vincent Millay and Eugene O’Neill, among others). It finally reopened last fall to good reviews, and still has many decades left on its 99-year lease. The new tenant doesn’t seem to mind that he’ll be living above a bar; as he told the Post, “living above a historic speakeasy kind of makes you feel like you are part of it, and I like that.”