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Big reveal: $879K for a petite West Village one-bedroom with access to an exclusive garden

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Did you guess correctly?


No one guessed the correct price for this week’s Pricespotter apartment— a prewar West Village co-op that provides access to an exclusive garden— but coleco came the closest by guessing $877,777. The actual asking price is $879,000.

Commenters seemed to agree that this first-floor apartment, located at 41 Jane Street, can’t possibly be 600 square feet, as advertised. Many agreed that the one-bedroom home was more of a glorified studio and not very spacious at all. “The only thing charming about this apt is the wood-burning fireplace, said modmother. “It’s tiny and that bedroom makes me want to cry just looking at it, let alone walk into it.” A few people did appreciate its prewar details.

And now for that exclusive garden access, one of the perks of living here is that the building offer residents a key to the Jane Street garden that is located about a block away.

Now that you know the price, what do you make of it? Here’s one more look at the floorplan: