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Manhattan’s 10 largest homes for sale

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The biggest of the big

While it wouldn’t exactly be accurate to say that New York is a city of megamansions (not yet, anyway), the oversized homes—generally considered anything over 10,000 square feet—are popping up all over Manhattan and in some parts of Brooklyn these days.

A good deal of these properties are being custom-built for their very wealthy owners; take, for example, the behemoth that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is constructing out of three Upper East Side townhouses, which will measure 18,000 square feet when completed.

But megamansions don’t necessarily have to be Frankenhomes pieced together out of several different townhouses; on the moneyed Upper East Side, for example, there are plenty of properties for sale that just happen to be really big houses. Many of these date back to the turn of the 20th century, when New York’s wealthiest families built palatial estates in the blocks close to Central Park. Others are slightly newer, but no less ostentatious in size—and asking price.

So what does the real estate market look like when you’re looking at homes measuring 10,000 square feet and above? To find out, the folks at NeighborhoodX scoured listings to find the ten largest New York City homes that are currently for sale. (They’re all in Manhattan, obviously.)

Below, take a look at some of these massive mansions:

↑ The enormous Gilded Age mansion at 854 Fifth Avenue, coming in at 20,000 square feet, is the biggest home for sale in New York City right now. It’s currently owned by the Serbian Permanent Mission to the UN, and it’s asking a whopping $50 million. [Floorplan]

↑ The second-largest home for sale is a 16,200-square-foot townhouse at 12 East 79th Street, which is currently asking $38.5 million. It’s one of a pair of turn-of-the-20th-century mansions, and among its many historic touches are the “Ionic porticos, limestone trim and broad low stoops” that give the facade “an impression of urbane elegance” (per the brokerbabble, of course). [Floorplan]

↑ The only home on the list that’s outside of the Upper East Side proper is a townhouse at 29 Beekman Place—so even then, it’s still within one of the city’s toniest enclaves. Asking $28 million, the house is 12,240 square feet, and has eight bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and ridiculously lovely views from its terrace and sun room. [Floorplan]

↑ And finally, the smallest of the bunch is the Vanderbilt mansion at 16 East 69th Street, which has been on and off the market for a couple of years now. It’s currently asking $45 million, and comes with seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a roof deck and a backyard, a gym, a hair salon (?!), five wood-burning fireplaces, and a wine cellar throughout its 12,111 square feet. [Floorplan]

And here’s the full list, courtesy NeighborhoodX (tip: click on the address for each to go to the full listing):