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With Webster Hall closed, rumors fly about its spiffed-up future

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The newest rumors focus on a venue renaming and extended renovation timeline

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for AOL

On August 10, Webster Hall closed its doors as one of New York’s most cherished independent music venues. When the doors reopen, the refurbished East Village venue will operate under AEG Live (of The Bowery Presents) and Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment (of the Barclays Center.)

That isn’t the only change at hand: A Billboard report on the venue’s last days, cited by Bowery Boogie, insinuates that Webster Hall might reopen under a new name, and in the more distant future than once assumed.

Webster Hall’s longtime director of operations, Gerard McNamee, told Billboard he “can’t believe the rumors that the new suits plan to take that away for a big naming rights payout.” That rumor has yet to be substantiated by AEG or BSE, but alas, it may be true.

When it was announced in April that Webster Hall would close for renovations, BSE CEO Brett Yormach told the Post that BSE was going to “preserve what Webster Hall means to the consumers and artists ... But we will contemporize it.” According to the paper, that means likely food and beverage upgrades, with “with possible bathroom enhancements.”

It’s unclear how long the 1,500-person venue will be closed for, but Webster Hall’s VP of entertainment, Heath Miller, told Billboard the length of the renovations has “grown drastically” from the original estimate. Both BSE and AEG Live have yet to confirm a timeline for the refurbishment of the venue, so right now, it’s all up in the air.

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