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Financial District's 63-story Fulton Street rental is scaling new heights

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The 758-foot tower will bring 483 apartments to the neighborhood

Via Carmel Partners

It’s been a while since we checked in with the skyscraper rising at 118 Fulton Street, and new construction site photos by NyConstructionPhoto reveal that building is likely on track to reach its 2018 completion deadline.

When we last checked in with the project in the fall of 2015, the building was just about getting off the ground. Plans at that time differed slightly with Carmel Partners planning a 49-story building with 483 apartments.

That plan has changed since with the building now set to have 63 stories and stand 758 feet tall. The apartment count meanwhile has remained the same, even though there was speculation last year that it had come down slightly to 476.

The rental building has now been named 19 Dutch (it’s located between Nassau and Dutch Streets on Fulton Street), and when YIMBY checked in with the site in May this year, the structure had reached the 39th floor.

Apartments at the SLCE Architects-designed building will average a spacious 1,124 square feet, and aside from the rentals, the building will also come with 8.100 square feet of retail spread out between the cellar, ground, and second floors.