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Jehovah's Witnesses part ways with two more Brooklyn Heights properties

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Hawkins Way Properties acquired the two buildings on Columbia Heights

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The Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to clean house before making the move to Warwick, New York, selling off two more of the Brooklyn Heights properties that it’s owned for decades.

One of those properties, located at 117-125 Columbia Heights, already closed for $18 million. The site is currently home to one of the neighborhood’s most remarkable buildings: a modernist brick complex—an oddity in Brooklyn Heights—designed by architect Ulrich Franzen. That building spans about 53,000 square feet, and it’s neighbored by three townhouses.

The other property, at 97 Columbia Heights, was once the site of the Hotel Margaret, which came down in the 1980s following a fire. The Witnesses built a 12-story building in its place, which now has nearly 100 apartments and 30 parking spaces. That sale is due to close later this month.

According to Ravi Kantha and Matthew Lesser, the Leslie J. Garfield brokers who arranged the sale, the buyer is Los Angeles-based real estate firm Hawkins Way Capital. As of now, their plans for the two buildings are unclear.

Last August, the Jehovah Witnesses sold their iconic Watchtower building at 25-30 Columbia Heights for $340 million to developers CIM Group, Kushner Companies, and LIVWRK. Brooklyn-based development firm Rabsky Group reportedly shelled out $65 million for the 41,150-square-foot recreational facility at 69 Adams Street in Dumbo last December. And in May, another property along Columbia Heights officially sold for an undisclosed amount, though its last asking price was a hefty $87.5 million.