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Park Slope’s forthcoming Nitehawk Cinema postpones opening date

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After stumbling across a few original architectural details, construction is being altered to preserve them

Nitehawk Cinema

Park Slope’s erstwhile Pavilion Theater will have to wait a bit longer before it makes its debut as a new Nitehawk Cinema outpost. The theater was set to debut later this year, but after coming across pieces of the theater’s original architecture, the opening date has been pushed back to sometime in early 2018.

According to DNAinfo, Nitehawk has been working hard to preserve as much of the original architecture of the Pavilion Theater as possible, so when they came across a few hidden details during construction, the company decided to alter its designs to accommodate them.

“We wanted to make sure we maintained the integrity of the original structure,” a Nitehawk rep told DNAinfo. “In the process, we actually uncovered some very cool original pieces and have been working to adjust our designs to incorporate and capitalize on those interesting design details.” They declined to go into specifics on what was unveiled.

Once the $10 million revamp is complete, the theater will have 650 seats across seven screening rooms and will feature in-theater dining along with two bars.