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At Bed-Stuy’s Cascade Linen site, condos priced from $1M take shape

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The seven-building complex will bring over 300 condos to the neighborhood

Via Brownstoner

The massive seven-building residential complex coming to Bed-Stuy has made significant progress, new construction site photos by Brownstoner have revealed. Developed by Isaac Deutsch, Abraham Brach, Nachman Leibowitz, the project is looking to bring 301 condos to the neighborhood, 66 of which will be affordable.

When Brownstoner stopped by the site, the three six-story buildings that are part of the overall complex at 833 Myrtle Avenue, had topped out. The other buildings that will make up this development are: one eight-story building, one nine-story building, and two 10-story buildings. Construction on those will only get underway sometime in late 2018.

Aside from the condos, the project will also come with a 20,000-square-foot grocery store, and 118 parking spots. The development got underway after the current owners purchased the nearly full block site in 2015 for $70 million. The project recently secured an $88 million loan towards construction, and the developers are looking to sell the market-rate condos for upwards of $1 million.

The Cascade Linen company’s buildings, that occupied this site until 2010, were demolished to make to way for the condo development, and work on the first phase is set to wrap sometime towards the end of next year.

Via Samuel Wieder Associates