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Extell's One Manhattan Square tops out on the Lower East Side

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Checking in on the Lower East Side luxury tower

Photo via NYConstructionPhoto/Flickr

Update, 9/29/17: As of this week, One Manhattan Square has officially topped out.

Extell’s 800-foot skyscraper that’s currently rising on the Lower East Side, began going vertical last year, and progress on the tower has been fairly swift since then. These photos, both from Tectonic (h/t YIMBY) and NY Construction Photo, give a sense of how much construction has progressed since the tower began its rise.

The skyscraper, located at 252 South Street, is impossible to miss; it dwarfs the other buildings in the neighborhood, and as you can see in the photo above, it towers over the Manhattan Bridge, too. The last time we checked in, back in November, it was just a third of the way to its 80-story pinnacle; now, it’s close to topping out, per a spokesperson for Extell.

Though it sticks out a bit now, Extell’s tower will soon be joined by a bevy of other buildings in the area; JDS Development Group, Starrett Corporation, and L+M Development Partners with CIM Group have each planned towers within the Two Bridges Large Scale Residential Development area. But neighborhood residents, along with elected officials, have pushed back against those towers, arguing that the city needs to allow for a public review of the projects.

Extell’s tower, meanwhile, will have 815 apartments when completed, along with a spate of over-the-top amenities that include an adult treehouse, fire pits, a Japanese tea garden, and a playground.


250 South Street

227 Cherry Street, Manhattan, NY 10002