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De Blasio says that NYC congestion pricing is 'inconceivable'

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The Mayor’s stance is in opposition to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s support for congestion pricing

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The simmering feud between Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo continued this week with the former opposing the latter’s newly-expressed support for congestion pricing. At an unrelated press conference on Monday, De Blasio told reporters that he “does not believe” in congestion pricing, the New York Times reports.

De Blasio went on to add that he had never seen an instance where the implementation of congestion pricing was “fair,” and he deemed it “inconceivable” that a Republican-controlled New York State Senate would pass a congestion pricing plan.

The congestion pricing proposed by Governor Cuomo would partially help fund subway repairs, so it might come as somewhat of a surprise that de Blasio is opposed to it. But, the governor and mayor have been feuding for some time now on how best to fix the ailing subway, and who should take on more of the responsibility to do the same.

De Blasio meanwhile is pushing forward his own plan to help fund the subway: a millionaires tax. As the Times points out, that plan too was met with opposition as Senate Republicans are opposed to raising taxes.

Cuomo hasn’t yet offered details on his congestion pricing plan, but is likely to do in his State of the State speech in January next year.