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See One World Trade Center's spire get struck by lightning

First, there was a solar eclipse; then, there was this

In 2015, lightning struck the World Trade Center.
Flickr/Anthony Quintano

It’s been one hell of a week for weather here in New York City and it’s only Wednesday. Monday brought the highly anticipated solar eclipse that was witnessed across the country and which attracted crowds of eager New Yorkers to city hot spots in hopes of getting a glimpse of the partial eclipse that engulfed the region. The following day— Tuesday— was particularly hot and humid, as it should be considering it is indeed still summer, but in the late evening into the early Wednesday morning hours, a serious storm hit New York City.

With the storm came thunder and lightning that lit up the sky. Once again, One World Trade Center’s spire was the unlucky candidate for a massive bolt of lightning (h/t New York Post). The building was unharmed and by now should be used to getting struck by lightning but it’s always mesmerizing when it happens.

Naturally, the event made for some pretty amazing photo ops and as always, Instagrammers were on site to catch the spectacle and share it with the rest of us. Here’s what they got:

Lightning strikes New York City the day after the eclipse #Thunderstorm #LowerManhattan #OneWorldTrade

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