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Big reveal: $540K for a cute, renovated East Village co-op

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

All right, y’all: Despite there being a lot of guesses on this week’s Pricespotter apartment, there was not a single one that hit the nail on the head exactly. The asking price for this apartment is (*insert The Price Is Right-style pause here*) $540,000. The closest guess was the second one: omarrr went with $535,000.

The apartment itself is located at 633 East 11th Street, between Avenues B and C—so yes, firmly in Alphabet City, which knocked it down a peg for some commenters. And contrary to our assertion, the apartment is actually only one flight up, not five—thank the broker for that bit of intel. (There’s an open house on Sunday if you want to check it out in person.)

So what did everyone have to say about it? The general consensus is a resounding “WTF”; some of the phrases used to describe the place in the comments include “claustrophobic,” “impractical,” and “a piece of work.” But we’ve gotta agree with iluvny, who said it would be a “good starter place”—it may not be for everyone, but given the low price and low maintenance, it’s not a terrible deal.

Here’s the floorplan one more time: