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Hudson Square tower may go taller after feud over condo views

Developers behind two neighborhood buildings are fighting in court

Via S9 Architecture

Two condo developers feuding over their two projects next to the entrance of the Holland Tunnel are still at it. In April, news emerged that Madigan Development and the Agime Group were duking it in court over whose project would have better views.

The legal battle is still going on, but in the midst of it at all, Madigan Development has decided to alter plans on its condo at 111 Varick Street, and build even taller, which it seems will certainly agitate the Agime Group. The latter is building at 568-570 Broome Street.

Previously, Madigan wanted to build a 15-story tower on its site, but now The Real Deal reports that the developer has filed plans for a 28-story tower, even though the previous plan was approved by the city’s Department of Buildings.

Before the lawsuits were filed, both buildings were set to rise about 290 feet. Madigan claims the city has made special exceptions to allow Agime’s building to rise that high, and Agime claims Madigan is only complaining to have unobstructed views from the higher floors of 111 Varick Street.

What will this latest development do to the ongoing feud? Only time will tell.