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Jean Nouvel’s MoMA supertall is more than halfway to its apex

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The Midtown skyscraper is expected to top out soon

Giles Ashford

It’s been some time since we checked in with 53W53, the Jean Nouvel-designed tower that’s rising next to the Museum of Modern Art, and in that time the building has made huge gains toward its eventual height of 1,050 feet. A spokesperson for the supertall-to-be confirms that it’s now reached the 58th floor—there’ll be 82 once it’s completed—and new photos show it rising to eye level with many of Midtown’s other skyscrapers.

The building’s elegant diagrid—both a structural element, as well as a design element that will set it apart from its supertall brethren in the area—is also becoming more and more visible. Some glass paneling has been installed, offering a peek at what the facade will look like when it’s completed.

Sales for the building launched back in 2015, and as of right now, its website shows 13 apartments that are currently available—one of which is an enormous 65th-floor residence asking $44 million, making it one of the city’s most expensive apartments for sale. When finished, the skyscraper will also hold new galleries for its next-door neighbor, which is in the midst of its own game-changing renovation.

Giles Ashford
Giles Ashford
Giles Ashford

53 W 53rd St

53 West 53rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10019