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Big reveal: $850K for a simple one-bedroom with a key to Gramercy Park

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

To say that commenters were not impressed with this week’s Pricespotter is putting it mildly. “Something about this apartment seems remarkably plain in a way that goes beyond the fact that everything’s painted white,” writes commenter 10012, with TheMarketSoftner agreeing it’s a “decent, but unremarkable apartment.”

For all of the hemming and hawing about its merits (or lack thereof) just one commenter guessed the asking price this week, and even then the comment was accompanied by a jab at the 38 Gramercy Park North digs. “so boring, so much subway tile and zero counterspace. key and all, no way it should be higher than 850,” writes louisamae. That’s right, this “unremarkable” apartment is on the market for $850,000.

At least commenters agreed that the key to Gramercy Park included in the sale is a little bit special. But some would rather take the extra thousands it might tack on to the apartment’s asking price and run. “Regarding this coveted key, I’ve spent some time inside the gates and it’s beautiful,” writes Safra. “[H]owever, given then opportunity to forgo access to the park in exchange for, say, $50,000, I’d take the cash.”