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For $24.5M, a Central Park West triplex that doubles as a concert hall

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It also comes with its own golf simulator

The Corcoran Group

It’s not every day that a gut-renovated triplex in the Central Park West co-op The Majestic hits the market, and less often that the triplex doubles as a chamber music recital hall, but lucky for real estate gawkers, today is that day.

The gut-renovated triplex penthouse of Nancy Lee, the star of its own Architectural Digest spread, has come to market asking $24.5 million with Corcoran. The triplex penthouse has a somewhat unusual layout, with an elevator that opens onto an architectural staircase leading to the entertaining floor, and a kitchen with 30-foot ceilings. The apartment also has its own golf simulator, the envy of the upper crust.

Perfecting the 4,550-square-foot co-op’s floorplan, and creating a living room with pitch-perfect acoustics, was tasked to Lee’s brother, architect Stephen Lee of SLR Design. Both of the siblings were willing to overlook the apartment’s flaws—the fact that the elevator stopped on the apartment’s first floor, the need for a complete floorplan overhaul—to bask in its merits, like its unobstructed Central Park views.

Lee brought on interior designer Victoria Hagan, who leaned on tones like warm ivory and charcoal to compliment the use of materials like limestone, textured plaster, bleached ash, anigre, and onyx. The anigre ceilings in the living room give the space its concert hall quality, while acoustic tiles covered in fabric absorb sound. (Lee, a board member on several nonprofits promoting music and healing, according to AD, often holds fundraising concerts in her home.) Hagan told AD, “There’s a yin-yang between the softness of the furniture and the strength of the architecture.”

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