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Photos: Tribute in Light illuminates the NYC skyline

The annual installation, a commemoration of 9/11, shined over Lower Manhattan on Monday night

Amy Plitt.

For many New Yorkers, the attacks of September 11, 2001 hardly seems like something that occurred many years ago but today marks the 16th anniversary of that tragic day. There have been tributes across the city, including the annual reading of victim’s names at the World Trade Center along with the Tribute in Light.

The Tribute in Light first debuted on March 11, 2002, marking the six-month anniversary of the attacks, in what was initially slated to be a temporary memorial but has sustained over the course of the years.

Using 88 light bulbs placed into square shapes, the installation projects beams that mimic the shape and height of the original Twin Towers in a display so bright that it can be witnessed up to 60 miles away.

As always, New Yorkers took to social media to share images of the Tribute in Light, both on 9/11 and the day before, when the lights were tested. Below are a few good photos that were captured.

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