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See how a Ridgewood townhouse went from drab to dream home

Tips and tricks from our Renovation Diaries homeowner

For the past eight weeks, one anonymous New Yorker has shared their saga of turning an outdated Queens townhouse into their dream home in our Renovation Diaries series. From actually buying a “livable, [but] loved” in Ridgewood to figuring out the nitty-gritty details of things like closet space, to choosing materials that wouldn’t break the bank, they’ve chronicled every bit of the renovation process—warts, prices, and all.

And now, the home itself has been revealed: With a final renovation cost of around $170,000, and a timeline of about seven months, the homeowners’ dream has been realized.

How did they do it? Check out the video above for tips from our anonymous New Yorker, and catch up with the entire transformational saga with the full Renovation Diary series: