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In the East Village, a rare, hidden carriage house wants $4.95M

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It’s quirky

Carriage houses-turned-posh residences aren’t something we often see in the East Village, which makes this quirky property—tucked away behind a tenement on East 5th Street—all the more interesting. Asking $4.95 million, the home is part of a larger complex with a few other co-ops, but this four-level pad (plus a roof terrace) is the most special by far.

The apartment is billed as a two-bedroom, but it appears to only have one true bedroom, on the top level; there’s also a den that the brokerbabble says could “easily” become a second bedroom (though it doesn’t have windows, so make of that what you will). The living room opens up onto that courtyard, while the second level has a kitchen and dining room, and the “master level” has a bedroom, sitting room, and a dressing room.

The whole thing is connected by a spiral staircase, and the expansive roof terrace covers the entirety of the building. It’s perhaps not the most practical space, but it is an unusual one, which has gotta count for something.