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Stand in 56 Leonard’s 52nd floor penthouse, sort of

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An interactive video lets viewers decide where they want to look in the penthouse

Alexander Severin

What is it like to walk through a penthouse in one of the city’s most extolled buildings? It’s a question that most of us won’t ever be able to answer honestly (sad, but true)—but a new video filmed at 56 Leonard put out by Bloomberg attempts to let everyone in on the feeling.

The video was recorded in 360, allowing viewers to pan around the four-bedroom penthouse while its various design-y furnishings are explained by Bloomberg’s James Tarmy. (For instance, Tarmy says the custom-designed islands are colloquially referred to as baby grand countertops because, well, they look just like that.)

The video also lets viewers out onto the master bedroom’s terrace, 52 floors up, because “it’s one thing to see this view behind a plate glass window and it’s something else to actually be in the open air looking out.” (Video tip: It must be viewed in Chrome of Firefox, sorry Safari users.)

The price per square foot of the 3,709-square-foot apartment runs $4,785, about $1,000 more than “the average luxury price per square foot,” Tarmy says. Though 52B has yet to find a buyer—sales launched here in February 2013—it’s hardly among the most expensive apartments in the building. Another of its penthouses recently closed for $47.8 million, setting a downtown record, while a $29.5 million penthouse is currently in contract.

56 Leonard St

56 Leonard Street, Manhattan, NY 10013

56 Leonard St

56 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206