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Open House New York launches Kickstarter to publish a book of NYC photos

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Images will be selected from the photo competition held every OHNY weekend

It isn't autumn in New York without Open House New York, in which hundreds of the city’s architecturally and culturally significant buildings—many of them typically off-limits—open their doors to the public. This year marks OHNY’s 15th anniversary, and its organizers have decided to celebrate by publishing a book about the event.

OHNY has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the projecy, which would collect participants’ images from the event. Every year, OHNY asks visitors to submit their best photographs from the weekend, highlighting a mix of destinations that includes infrastructure facilities, cultural spaces, and private homes.

As the campaign says, "Because of the sheer number of submissions, the collection of photos offers a view of New York City that is unique in its breadth. It is a portrait of the greatest city in the world as seen by the people who love it the most."

The book—which will feature a minimum of 100 full-color images—will be designed by the creative agency PS New York. Money from the Kickstarter will support its development and printing.

Of course, there are all sorts of perks for donors. $35 or more will secure you a copy of the book; $5,000 or more includes, among other things, an OHNY Weekend passport and concierge service for the 2018 weekend, two tickets for the 2018 OHNY Weekend launch party, and a walking tour of New York City for up to six guests with Open House New York's executive director.

The goal is to release the book for late spring 2018, as it will include photos taken during this year's OHNY weekend, happening October 14 and 15. (Details on this year's full schedule are still TBA.) Those photos will be juried and selected in fall, with production of the book beginning in early 2018.