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Isay Weinfeld’s West Chelsea condo Jardim hits a construction milestone

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The north tower has topped out, and the south tower’s not far behind

The first New York City residential building of vaunted Portugese architect Isay Weinfeld, is making strides. The north tower of Jardim—the one that abuts Zaha Hadid’s 520 West 28th Street, because high-profile architects love West Chelsea—has topped out at 11 stories. The south tower, fronting on West 27th Street, isn’t far behind and will follow suit a few weeks from now.

The dual-tower development has kept a low-profile compared to its Hadid-designed neighbor, but will be equally impressive in its own right. "This isn't a kind of architecture that shouts, it's an architecture that speaks low,” Weinfeld told Wallpaper back in 2015. “For me, the function of a project is very important. It's not a question of beauty. The building has to work to make sense.”

The project is comprised of 36 one- to four-bedroom condos split between the two towers. They’ll be connected by a lush, multi-level landscaped central garden that’s connected by a stone spiral staircase of Weinfeld’s design and planted with evergreens and flowering trees.

Just under 50 percent of the development’s condos are now in contract. The four apartments that are currently listed range from a 1,545-square-foot two-bedroom asking $3.995 million and a 2,854-square-foot four-bedroom asking $7.16 million.

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