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Big reveal: $1.7M for an Upper East Side two-bedroom with a Memphis vibe

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Keller Williams

While not all commenters loved the 1980s-reminiscent interiors of this week’s Pricespotter, most agreed that the apartment itself was a pretty nice space. No one guessed right on the money this week—owing, perhaps, to the vagueness of the given location—but commenter yingei came quite close to the asking price of $1.695 million with their guess of $1.7 million.

To recap, the apartment has 10-foot ceilings on the main level and French doors that open out onto the patio. A previous renovation covered a wood-burning fireplace in sheetrock, but that can be undone. The kitchen comes with top-of-the-line appliances by Wolf, Bosch, and Liebherr. The red kitchen sink proved divisive for commenters. “It’s a faux pas!” said Svetlana_NYC, while Trilby16 copped to “actually liking” it.

Now for the big address reveal: This two-bedroom, two-bathroom Upper East Side duplex is at 68 East 93rd Street, between Park and Madison avenues—not too shabby of a location. Have one last around the apartment, and at the floorplan.