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Cuomo says subway is improving if you’re ‘looking very carefully’

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He can’t be serious...

Flickr/Jason Devaun

The city’s subway system might seem like it’s in terrible shape these days but that’s because you aren’t “looking very carefully,” at least according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. At a meeting held in his Midtown office on Tuesday, the governor told reporters that despite ongoing delays and service disruptions, the system is already showing signs of improvement, reports the New York Daily News.

Cuomo, who doesn’t exactly make riding the train a priority (he last rode it at the inauguration of the Second Avenue Subway) didn’t go into too many specifics about the improvements he talked up but he did mention that he “hears from people who say the tracks look cleaner or the service seems better.” He also attempted totake some heat off of the MTA and claimed many of the issues that happen on a daily basis aren’t the agency’s fault.

“A Con Ed generator blows up, it's not the fault of the MTA. A piece of track breaks off, it's not the fault of the MTA,” said Cuomo. “Those things will always happen. And so they're not a fair indicator of the performance of the MTA because the MTA doesn't control those things”

We’re not sure who has been telling Cuomo that the subway is improving, but tweets from the city’s commuters seem to suggest otherwise: