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South Bronx will get $10M from the state for revitalization efforts

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The next step is to come up with a development plan

As part of the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) efforts, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that part of the South Bronx will receive a $10 million award from the state to enhance the neighborhood.

DRI began last year, and awards grants to different neighborhoods throughout the state with the goal of “transforming downtown neighborhoods into vibrant communities.” (Jamaica, Queens, won last year.)

The neighborhood came in first place this year and will see improvements made to an area known as Bronx Civic Center, which includes the area from 144th Street to 165th Street, from St. Ann’s Avenue to the Harlem River.

Cuomo made the announcement on Tuesday, telling the crowd gathered at the Bronx Museum of the Arts that he “believes in the Bronx” and its potential.

The first step will be for local officials and community stakeholders to create a revitalization plan for early 2018 with $300,000 of the funds. According to a press release, the idea is for local officials and stakeholders to “examine local assets and opportunities and identify economic development, transportation, housing, and community projects that align with the community's vision for downtown revitalization and that are poised for implementation.”