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Big reveal: $950,000 for a one-bedroom co-op in Midtown’s Rockefeller Apartments

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

City Connections

Guesses ran high for this week’s Pricespotter, a one-bedroom Midtown co-op in a landmarked building. Now for the big reveal: the apartment is located smack dab in the center of Midtown, in the Rockefeller Apartments on West 54th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues. It’s on the market with City Connections for $950,000, the lowest sum put out by commenters this week and the guess of lisainnyc.

The apartment’s high maintenance of $2,559 tipped off some commenters that the apartment’s asking price might be lower than it appears, but others thought the apartment’s somewhat odd floorplan might detract from its asking price. “Unusual location for a powder room,” wrote REspectator, of the secondary bathroom near the front door. Easternwestern was less concerned about its location, instead saying a powder room is “always a nice feature.”

The apartment’s decorative fireplace was another point of ire for commenters, with iluvnyc calling it “the architectural equivalent of a fake orgasm.” Well, okay then! Take one last look at the apartment below.