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Madonna’s lawsuit against her Upper West Side co-op board gets dismissed

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The never-ending saga may finally be over

The saga between Madonna and the co-op board for her Upper West Side apartment at 41 Central Park West, a.k.a. Harperley Hall, may finally be coming to an end. A Manhattan judged has dismissed the Material Girl’s lawsuit claiming that the board illegally changed the terms of her lease, after determining that the singer waited too long to file the suit, reports Page Six.

For a quick recap: Madonna bought the apartment for $7.3 million back in 2008 and in 2014, the co-op changed the rules of her lease so that her children, friends, and employees were banned from living in the unit while she wasn’t there. Madonna didn’t file a lawsuit against the board until April 2016.

In his ruling, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits wrote that Madonna had four months from April 2014, when the change of rules went into effect, to file a suit but instead waited two years. He will allow her to continue to pursue other legal actions against the board, including a lawsuit to reclaim attorney fees.

Harperley Hall attorney Patrick Sweeney stated that Madonna was not treated differently from “every other shareholder,” and has no credible claims that she was singled out.