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Commuter wars: pitting a bike versus the subway during morning rush hour

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Which form of transportation reigns supreme?

If Curbed’s first Transportation Week showed us anything, it’s that there are a million ways to commute in New York City. We have a robust system of buses, subways, ferries, bikes, and more to help us get from point A to point B. And while we think New York’s transit system stacks up pretty high against those of Los Angeles and San Francisco, we have yet to this week look at how New York’s transit options weigh against each other.

At that, two intrepid Curbed staff members decided to pit a bike commute and a subway commute during morning rush hour against each other to determine which is more expedient. Both commutes between Williamsburg and the Curbed HQ in the Financial District had their pitfalls—bike lane obstructions, trains too full to hitch a ride on—but one commute had a clear leg up.

Watch on to find out reigned supreme.