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In Jamaica, over 300 new apartments will replace a huge parking lot

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The massive project will span 500,000 square feet and also bring new retail to the neighborhood

A rendering of a row of residential buildings in Jamaica, Queens. Via BRP Companies and Wharton Properties

A massive new development in Jamaica, Queens will bring over 300 mixed-income apartments and retail to the neighborhood. BRP Companies and Wharton Properties will partner to purchase an open-air parking lot at 90-02 168th Street and build a 500,000 square foot development at the site.

Previously, this site was slated to get a retail and commercial complex, but those plans were nixed towards the end of last year. Instead the local organization making this project a possibility, The Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, revised the request for proposals (RPF) for this site last December, and called on developers to build a mixed-income property, with a small portion of the residences set aside for artists.

Now the GJDC has made its selection, and one of the developers (BRP) also happens to be the developer of the nearby, AirTrain adjacent project, The Crossing at Jamaica Station.

All we know so far about this Jamaica project is that it will have over 300 apartments, and 70,000 square feet of retail.

“Our goal for the development of the site is to facilitate a project that addresses the needs of the community, creates jobs and brings activity to the eastern part of the district,” the president of the GJDC, said in a statement. “We are confident that BRP and Wharton will create a project that will support the growing population and volume of daily shoppers that is at an all-time high.”

Aside from the above-mentioned AirTrain-adjacent project, another massive, in-the-works project in Jamaica is the 450,000-square-foot project at 92-33 168th Street, which will bring 350 affordable apartments to the neighborhood. The parking-lot replacing project is expected to break ground in the second half of 2018.