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Alec Baldwin continues expanding his Devonshire House empire

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This brings the total number of units owned by the Baldwin clan to three

For a time, it looked as if Alec Baldwin might be making good on his previously-stated threat to leave New York City behind—he put one of his apartments in Greenwich Village’s Devonshire House on the market, eventually selling the one-bedroom pad in 2015 for $2.1 million.

But three years—and one super-successful season of antagonizing the current president via Saturday Night Live—later, and it looks like Baldwin is staying put. And this, he’s once again expanding his Devonshire House empire.

Mansion Global reports that the 30 Rock actor recently scooped up another apartment within the Emery Roth-designed building in an off-market sale. Baldwin purchased the apartment for $1.3 million, and alas, that’s all we know about the unit.

This brings the total number of Devonshire units that Baldwin owns to two, including one of the building’s stellar penthouses. His wife Hilaria purchased another apartment on the same floor in 2012.

Devonshire House

28 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003