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Brooklyn has more native New Yorkers than any other borough

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Brooklyn is home to 1.3 million residents born in New York state

Kings County is home to the largest number of native New Yorkers among all five boroughs. DNAinfo reported on these new findings based on data gleaned from the NYU Furman Center’s recently released census data breakdown. Of the borough’s total population, 1.3 million are native New Yorkers, which translates to 48.76 percent of the total population.

The statistics only refer to those born in New York state and not the city necessarily, so we can’t say for certain how many Brooklynites were born in the city. In terms of percentage however Staten Island bests all the boroughs for the highest percentage of native New Yorkers with 69.46 percent born in the state. Of the island’s 476,015 people, 364,652 were born in the state. Within the island, the area with the largest concentration of the native New Yorkers is the island’s south shore, where 80 percent of the residents are native born.

The Bronx comes in a distant second with 50.35 percent of its population born in the state. Just so the other boroughs don’t feel left out, 45.23 percent of Queens residents are native New Yorkers, and Manhattan has the lowest percent with 41.95 percent.

Conversely the borough with the largest foreign-born population is Queens (47.06 percent), which is no surprise considering the borough’s thriving immigrant communities, and Staten Island came in last with 23.5 percent, but the the island is getting increasingly diverse as well.